Inform Restaurants If You Can’t Keep A Reservation

Bars and restaurants in Montreal are slowly getting back to business after the long pandemic-induced close down. It’s not a matter of lifting all restrictions, but enough that indoor eating can resume. Sadly many restaurants couldn’t hang on until things started to reopen and have gone under. Even those establishments that have managed to surviveContinue reading “Inform Restaurants If You Can’t Keep A Reservation”

Killing Montreal Restaurants

Montreal is blessed with many great restaurants. But things have been tough on them over the last decade or so. Aside from the current COVID-19 shutdown, extended street closures for needed infrastructure repairs have spelled the end of many long-time eateries. The Star of India is an establishment that I have visited countless times overContinue reading “Killing Montreal Restaurants”

Should Montrealers Boycott Restaurants Acting Like Bars?

On Monday, June 22, after months of inactivity due to COVID-19, many Montreal restaurants will be reopening. Of course, they will do so under strict conditions regarding social distancing. But some customers are better than no customers. If you do not have a kitchen, and therefore only have a permit to sell alcohol, you areContinue reading “Should Montrealers Boycott Restaurants Acting Like Bars?”

Montreal Casino Opens New Upscale Restaurant

On Thursday The Montreal Gazette ran an article about the new restaurant at the Casino de Montréal: L’Atelier Montréal de Joël Robuchon. Robuchon is a much decorated and world-renowned chef, including 28 Michelin stars. Evidently the gastronomic scene in Canada is about to be stood on its head. Will it be able to keep up?Continue reading “Montreal Casino Opens New Upscale Restaurant”

Waitstaff: Suggestions From a Patron’s Viewpoint

Daily Prompt: Eighth Cardinal Sin, Thou shalt not disappear after bringing my food! You often come across articles about how to be a good restaurant, bar or cafe customer, usually written from the point of view of waitstaff – as waiters and waitresses are now referred to. Invariably one of the focal points will beContinue reading “Waitstaff: Suggestions From a Patron’s Viewpoint”