Vaccination Passports: Show Some Common Sense Please

Today is the day that the real crackdown on vaccine passports begins in Quebec. Initially the process began on the first of September, but with a two-week easing-in period. Now it’s down to brass tacks. No more Mr. Nice Guy. No official proof of full vaccination means no admittance to bars, restaurants and other publicContinue reading “Vaccination Passports: Show Some Common Sense Please”

Quebec Referendum Forty Years Later

Today, May 20, 2020, marks the fortieth anniversary of the first referendum in the Canadian province of Quebec. I recall casting my vote on that day at the school across from our home. It was, much like today, a beautiful sunny spring day. … were those who wanted to begin the process of establishing anContinue reading “Quebec Referendum Forty Years Later”

COVID-19 Schools and Winter Tires

The government of Quebec has announced that it will reopen Montreal pre-schools and elementary schools on May 19. At the same time, they are still reporting daily statistics of the effects (i.e. cases, deaths, and hospitalizations) of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Education Minister has stated that there are still two or three weeks to comeContinue reading “COVID-19 Schools and Winter Tires”

Odd Quebec Election Campaign Slogan

The Quebec Liberal Party finds itself trailing in early election campaign polls. While other parties try to tap into the Liberal’s traditional Anglophone support, I suspect these attempts will fail. Yet I find the English version of the party’s slogan, “To make life easier for Quebecers” somewhat odd. By all means make things better, stronger,Continue reading “Odd Quebec Election Campaign Slogan”

In Montreal It’s Bonjour-Hi

You might think that a city that can and does function in two languages would be a benefit. Particularly when that city is located less than 100 miles from the United States. Montreal is just such a city, offering tourists a real taste of a French-speaking city with the comfort of being understood in English.Continue reading “In Montreal It’s Bonjour-Hi”

Quebec Law Banning Face Covering Passed

Allow me to express my opinion now that the legislature of my province has passed a controversial law. Known as Bill 62, it bans the wearing of face covers when providing or receiving any public service. This means that here in Quebec, should you be on your way to a protest march you must remove that veryContinue reading “Quebec Law Banning Face Covering Passed”

Cocker Spaniel’s take on Pit Bull Ban

Quebec has introduced a law that would see ‘dangerous’ dogs banned. “In addition to strictly regulating dangerous dogs … (the bill) allows the government to ban, by decree, certain breeds,” said Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux. “The government is intent on banning pit bull type dogs.” No wonder they are a bit cranky. I haveContinue reading “Cocker Spaniel’s take on Pit Bull Ban”

Montreal’s taverns; relics of the past

Once upon a time there was a tavern Where we used to raise a glass or two Remember how we laughed away the hours And dreamed of all the great things we would do Those words were made famous in the late 1960s by Beatles protégé Mary Hopkin, in fact the popular recorded version was producedContinue reading “Montreal’s taverns; relics of the past”

From Montreal: Dear Fort McMurray

Dear Fort McMurray, There can be no denying that Alberta and Québec have had our differences over the years. Be it sports rivalries – NHL and CFL – or disagreements on pipelines and threats of freezing in the dark. But these seem trivial in light of your current plight. There can be no denying thatContinue reading “From Montreal: Dear Fort McMurray”