Quebec Voters Complete Two-Year Housecleaning Project

The Quebec electorate has shown just who is in charge, as should be the case in any democracy. Last night’s Liberal Party majority victory was the second step in a two-step process that started in September 2012. At that time I pointed out that while the voters were supremely displeased with the Liberal Party, thenContinue reading “Quebec Voters Complete Two-Year Housecleaning Project”

Quebec Election Day: Vote!

It is election day in Quebec. Amid all the campaign posters and stickers that have sprouted up over the last 33 days – evidently in lieu of daffodils, but one hopes spring will get here eventually – one store window stands out. The staff of the downtown Ste. Catherine Street location of Lululemon has turnedContinue reading “Quebec Election Day: Vote!”

Quebec Linguistic Oddity

As we wind-down the 2014 Quebec election campaign and get ready to actually cast ballots on Monday, the only poll that counts, the country’s media is chock-a-block with coverage. Nice to feel wanted! Here’s a fun little linguistic tidbit – no, not that sort of linguistic problem – let’s leave those aside until at leastContinue reading “Quebec Linguistic Oddity”