Millennials Lag Behind Hippies When It Comes To Concert Nudity

Warning: This Post Contains Non-Millennial Nudity One often hears that millennials, those folks born around the turn of the millennium and in their late teens and twenties now, are more open to some of the things that we older people wrestle to grasp. Gender used to be a zero-sum game: male or female. Now itContinue reading “Millennials Lag Behind Hippies When It Comes To Concert Nudity”

Canadians: Nudes and Prudes

According to a new poll from the Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN), Canadians are loosening up when it comes to getting starkers. The FCN surveyed 1,015 Canadians aged 18 and over about their experience and attitude toward nudity and naturism, a followup to a survey the group conducted in 1999. … (when) Musique Plus, firstContinue reading “Canadians: Nudes and Prudes”