Hooligans Besmirch Montreal Protests

People have always protested. To publicly express one’s objection to an issue, law, or decision is one of the most important elements of a democracy. Assuming it is done peacefully and in accordance with proper regulations. Even those who would protest said regulations – the securing of a permit being chief among them – mustContinue reading “Hooligans Besmirch Montreal Protests”

Hot weather + Student protests = First long weekend of the summer

The protesting students are calling for a huge demonstration today in Montreal while the weather forecast is calling for a hot and humid afternoon with a chance of pop-up showers (I just disable them on my computer and stay dry). I feel we may see some variations on the nearly-nude protests that were held earlierContinue reading “Hot weather + Student protests = First long weekend of the summer”

Rattle those pots and pans…

Today the two sides in the Quebec protest – the students and the government – are going to sit down and talk. Halleluiah!¬† Hopefully this will lead to a solution, but if it doesn’t, and the protests continue..well…I’ve got the English version of the “Casserole” protest theme song right here. That’s right, Bill Haley’s Shake,Continue reading “Rattle those pots and pans…”

No, the army has not been called in….

Rumours abound about the army being called kin to quell the nightly student destruction! So far they have all been easily dispelled, including one film set! The appearance of the army on streets in most North American cities, other than providing disaster relief as was the case in the Ice Storm of 1998 is aContinue reading “No, the army has not been called in….”

Montreal bans masks at protests

The latest development in the never-ending student situation in Quebec is a new law banning masks at protests as reported in The Gazette. I always like to read the comments left by others to get a bit of a feel for the issue and this article is no different. It is worth sifting through theContinue reading “Montreal bans masks at protests”

Student emperors have no clothes – no, not another “nearly naked” protest…

This opinion piece by The Gazette‘s Don Macpherson is interesting not only for its content, but for the comments that follow. One comment in particular caught my eye: Come on down to the USA students! Everyone in North America is laughing at you and your ridiculous demands.

Montreal Grand Prix and Protesting Students

There are 32 days until the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix in Montreal. The recently proposed solution to the ongoing student strike/boycott appears to be heading for defeat as students around the province vote on it. So we may face a situation where¬† tens of thousands of tourists descend upon Montreal and pour millions ofContinue reading “Montreal Grand Prix and Protesting Students”

Do the protesters care about real democracy?

Here is a really good editorial from today’s The Gazette. As is the case with most newspapers, sometimes you agree with the position of the editorial board and sometimes you don’t. I feel that this piece makes many valid points and forces the reader to ask many questions. Unfortunately what is missing is the factContinue reading “Do the protesters care about real democracy?”