Time to Take an Interest in the Canadian Federal Election

Welcome to October. After a Montreal September that was record-setting in terms of high temperatures, more above average conditions are forecast for October. Great for enjoying all those wonderful October events: Apple picking, Canadian Thanksgiving, post-season Major League Baseball – including of course the World Series – Halloween and … well … a Canadian federalContinue reading “Time to Take an Interest in the Canadian Federal Election”

Conservative Party of Canada “Attack” Ad Spreads Trudeau’s Legalize Pot Message

While flipping through the channels a few evenings ago I came upon an ad run by the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) on CityTV from Toronto. I think the ad was supposed to be an attack on Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) leader Justin Trudeau, but I wonder if it might not just backfire. HavingContinue reading “Conservative Party of Canada “Attack” Ad Spreads Trudeau’s Legalize Pot Message”

Eugenie Bouchard: A Ray of Sunshine in the Cranky Season

People sure are cranky here these days. Maybe it’s because the temperature is well below zero and the wind is whipping it around making it feel even colder. Or perhaps it’s just the January blahs – no money after the holidays and no spring in sight – then again it could be the fact theContinue reading “Eugenie Bouchard: A Ray of Sunshine in the Cranky Season”

Canadian political leaders filmed at multiparty party!

While politicians south of the border seem to be determined never to work together, Canadian political leaders took a moment to film a festive greeting that shows Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair, Leader of the opposition and head of the NDP, and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau coming together in what can best be describedContinue reading “Canadian political leaders filmed at multiparty party!”