Now That’s a Pot-Hole

A man in Brussels, Belgium decided to go about town filling in potholes with flowers to bring attention to the problem. I figured with Canada on the verge of legalizing marijuana and Montreal drivers no strangers to potholes, there was a match made in heaven. Montreal pot-hole! A slight variation on a theme! DCMontreal – Deegan CharlesContinue reading “Now That’s a Pot-Hole”

Montreal doubles available parking; but adds no new spots

With the number of  available parking spots already at a minimum, and many more to be lost with the installation of Bixi bike docking stations  for the summer months, the city of Montreal has launched a pilot project that would see more cars parked in the current spaces. With the simple creation of what engineers call aContinue reading “Montreal doubles available parking; but adds no new spots”

Montreal should follow Glasgow’s lead and take potholes seriously

After an interminably long stretch of very cold weather, Montreal’s temperature has become more pleasant, not exactly balmy, but at least the Celsius thermometer now shows some plus readings after weeks of -17 and lower. Montrealers know that this is just a short respite from the cold; call it a January thaw in February, andContinue reading “Montreal should follow Glasgow’s lead and take potholes seriously”