Papal Visits Past and Present

An interesting combination of the time of year coupled with a papal visit is making me nostalgic. As Pope Francis currently visits Cuba and the U.S. I find myself thinking back 32 years to September 1984 when then Pope John Paul II visited Canada. Upon finishing grad school I had done a few jobs whileContinue reading “Papal Visits Past and Present”

PETA and Pope Francis’ Peace Doves

Yesterday Pope Francis had a bad day. While addressing the Sunday crowd in St. Peter’s Square he had a young man and woman release two doves as symbols of peace.  Unfortunately these birds were soon flying for their lives in an attempt to elude larger birds who evidently dine on doves. There was nothing peacefulContinue reading “PETA and Pope Francis’ Peace Doves”

Pope Francis and Joe Boxer

Like many, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, I have been impressed with Pope Francis since his election. His humility and clear concern for the common person have become hallmarks of his papacy. His refusal to don many of the traditional trappings of a pope, including living in a smaller residence and using a common car aroundContinue reading “Pope Francis and Joe Boxer”

Dear Pope Francis

Dear Pope Francis, You have certainly made your mark lately with several statements and comments that seem to indicate you think the Catholic Church should be more open to change, or at least discussion. The topics of homosexuality and abortion are clearly big-ticket items, so I figure if you’re okay with those you probably won’tContinue reading “Dear Pope Francis”

Pope Francis on Copacabana Beach: Throngs and thongs

Mention of Copacabana Beach in Brazil usually brings to mind large crowds of sunbathers in very small bathing suits massed along the beautiful shoreline. However that image has been usurped, at least temporarily, by another also involving a large group of people. The beach is currently home to thousands of pilgrims attending World Youth DayContinue reading “Pope Francis on Copacabana Beach: Throngs and thongs”

Pope Francis blesses Harley-Davidsons; Vespa owners feel slighted

Pope Francis continues to be his own man. Today he bestowed a Papal blessing on motorcycles and motorcyclists. But not just any motorcycles, these were all Harley-Davidsons. The US bike manufacturer is celebrating its 110th anniversary and thousands of Harley owners from around the world arrived in Rome for a rally. Pope Francis blessed themContinue reading “Pope Francis blesses Harley-Davidsons; Vespa owners feel slighted”

Pope Benedict Emeritus returns to Vatican; he and Francis divvy-up household chores

After taking it easy for a few weeks while his successor was elected and got a feel for things, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI returned to his old stomping grounds at the Vatican. Of course he won’t be living in the Papal apartment, even if it is unoccupied and, one assumes, for rent given Pope Francis’Continue reading “Pope Benedict Emeritus returns to Vatican; he and Francis divvy-up household chores”

Papal Coach Sought

A week ago today, Good Friday, I brought to your attention a memo allegedly by a group of Catholic Cardinals, not to be confused with National League Cardinals, regarding their displeasure with newly elected Pope Francis and posing the possibility of a Papal recall. The memo was leaked (okay … I wrote it) even thoughContinue reading “Papal Coach Sought”

Papal recall rumor on Good Friday

Even with the former butler no longer in position at the Vatican, the following memo was leaked. Apparently it is from one of the Cardinals and reveals his disappointment with Pope Francis. I think it fair to say that our election of the Argentinian Cardinal isn’t working out exactly as we had hoped. In justContinue reading “Papal recall rumor on Good Friday”