Taking Advantage of the Pandemic

The current pandemic has opened doors to all kinds of people, giving them an opportunity to promote their theories. Including Montreal’s mayor using it to fast-track her desire to pedestrianise a main downtown street. But that’s just politics. Then there are the anti-vaxers, those folks who refuse to even think about having themselves or theirContinue reading “Taking Advantage of the Pandemic”

Political Correctness and Song Titles

The recent kerfuffle over Baby It’s Cold Outside being banned because it is currently construed in a manner that it hints at date rape got me thinking about another aspect of retrofitting some older songs to fit today’s political correctness. This excludes Go Away Little Girl which includes the line I’m not supposed to beContinue reading “Political Correctness and Song Titles”

Political Correctness, George Carlin and Morning People

Much has been written and said about the concept of political correctness. As is often the case, the original idea is good, but overzealous adherents seem to have a need to push¬†things to the nth degree thereby erasing much of the initial good. Having once claimed that¬†Political Correctness is fascism pretending to be manners, belowContinue reading “Political Correctness, George Carlin and Morning People”