Kudos To Toronto Police

In the wake of the horrific incident in Toronto that has cost ten people their lives and injured more than a dozen others, much is being said about the courage of the officer who apprehended the driver.  The man had driven a van along a busy sidewalk and street evidently trying to kill as manyContinue reading “Kudos To Toronto Police”

Montreal’s Polite Police Cars

  People often remark that Canadians are very polite. I think I would have to agree. For the most part we use the magic words – please and thank you – and of course we have been known to apologize from time to time. Yesterday I noticed a new aspect of our politeness when IContinue reading “Montreal’s Polite Police Cars”

Montreal Police Dampen St. Patrick’s Day Revellers’ Spirits

There has been much grumbling heard over the last week in several bars in downtown Montreal. Particularly, but not limited to, bars with an Irish theme located a mere shillelagh’s toss from the St. Patrick’s Day parade route. It seems the police put a damper on what is usually the most lucrative day of theContinue reading “Montreal Police Dampen St. Patrick’s Day Revellers’ Spirits”

Good Cop/Bad Cop: Let’s Report Both

These days you don’t have to look too far or hard to find news about police behaving badly. Incidents in Ferguson. Missouri and on Staten Island, New York have been top of the news for months now. So it was nice to see some front-page news of cops doing good. Very early Christmas morning Const.Continue reading “Good Cop/Bad Cop: Let’s Report Both”

Montreal Police Don Camouflage Pants: Protest Meets Comfort

The government of the Province of Quebec has introduced legislation, Bill 3, that will change the way public employee pension funds are financed. The government wants to make it an equitable system with 50% of the funds coming from the employees themselves, in the form of pay cheque deductions, and 50% from taxpayers. Currently theContinue reading “Montreal Police Don Camouflage Pants: Protest Meets Comfort”

Montreal still one of North America’s safer cities

An analysis of the statistics indicates that Montreal is still one of the safest cities in North America according to this column by Henry Aubin in The Gazette. An initial reaction to the statistics shows a less than great picture of Montreal, but when a number of things are taken into consideration we don’t doContinue reading “Montreal still one of North America’s safer cities”