Global Warming Cuts Both Ways

As the frigid air continues to hover over the northeast of North America, comparisons are aplenty. The one above indicates the relative cozy -14C in Anchorage, Alaska while we in Montreal are freezing our asses off!! When all those folks comment on the very hot summer weather that now hits Montreal due to global warming, just remindContinue reading “Global Warming Cuts Both Ways”

Polar Vortex: An Unwanted Weekend Guest

It arrived sometime early Saturday morning. Totally uninvited and certainly unwelcome, it  bullied its way into the north east of North America and made it clear it will spend the weekend. I don’t mean an annoying relative,  I’m referring to the phenomenon known as the Polar Vortex. So far we have been spared our usual winterContinue reading “Polar Vortex: An Unwanted Weekend Guest”

Polar Vortex: Winter Driving Dos and Don’ts

This weekend yet another large winter storm, a nor’easter in fact, made its way, appropriately, both north and east causing much havoc to holiday travelers. At one point CNN reported that 100 million people were in the storm’s path. Although we are in the north-east of North America, here in Montreal we were spared allContinue reading “Polar Vortex: Winter Driving Dos and Don’ts”