Habs eliminated in round one of NHL playoffs; something went wrong long ago

Come on in from the ledge Habs’ fans, it was over before last night’s loss, the fight has been missing from this team for some time. Now that the unthinkable has happened, and the Montreal Canadiens have been eliminated from the NHL playoffs, there will be postmortems aplenty. Let’s face it, it was an odd seasonContinue reading “Habs eliminated in round one of NHL playoffs; something went wrong long ago”

NHL gears up for playoffs; Lockout? What lockout?

Tonight’s game in Boston between the Bruins and Ottawa Senators – postponed earlier due to the Marathon bombing – will settle the playoff pairings. According to the Toronto Sun, the options are as follows: Ottawa wins in regulation – Bruins play Toronto Maple Leafs, Senators face the Montreal Canadiens, the New York Islanders take on theContinue reading “NHL gears up for playoffs; Lockout? What lockout?”

NHL tie breaking

With the NHL playoffs underway we can once again enjoy real sudden-death (sudden-life?) overtime. No more four skaters on four and no more shoot-outs. Games will be decided by actually playing the game, not just one or two aspects of it – until a final outcome is achieved. Why regular season ties are so repugnantContinue reading “NHL tie breaking”