Will Playboy’s No Nudes Switch Be The ‘New Coke’ of Magazines?

In September of 1998 the Canadian Red Cross got out of the blood business. This was no the heels of a tainted blood scandal that shook the country from coast to coast. At the time this seemed to me to be like McDonald’s getting out of the hamburger business, W.B. Mason dropping pens and paper,Continue reading “Will Playboy’s No Nudes Switch Be The ‘New Coke’ of Magazines?”

“Hey Sis … Side-Hug This!”

Well, well, well … what do you know? TLC has gone and canned its 19 Kids and Counting series in the wake of news that the oldest Duggar, Josh, now married and working on his own no doubt ridiculously large family, had on several occasions molested girls, some allegedly his own sisters, when he wasContinue reading ““Hey Sis … Side-Hug This!””

The Oscars® Snuck Up On Me

The Academy Awards® are tomorrow night. I just found out about that. They evidently snuck up on me. I’m not a big movie-goer so that should not come as a surprise. But it seems to me that the Academy Awards® are falling behind in the hype department. About the only hope for controversy this year isContinue reading “The Oscars® Snuck Up On Me”