It is Called Chicken Wire for a Reason

Say what you will about pigeons, their determination is admirable. I thought the pigeons and the smaller birds who visit my feeder had reached an agreement. But I was wrong. For the better part of a year I did not see one single pigeon at my feeder while numerous sparrows, finches and chickadees enjoyed havingContinue reading “It is Called Chicken Wire for a Reason”

Trumped by a Pigeon

I put my bird feeder out early last spring. Since that time I have had countless visits from sparrows and finches. Small birds dropping by to pass the time of day and have a few seeds. Polite little fellows, if terribly nervous, who need only sense the smallest movement through the window to fly offContinue reading “Trumped by a Pigeon”

Pigeon Deplores Deterrent Spikes

Here we go again I thought as yet another ┬ámember of the local urban wildlife made an appearance on my windowsill. This time, while taking a break and watching some of the World Cup from Brazil, I clearly saw the pigeon land and peer in my window. Thinking the bird was, like most of theContinue reading “Pigeon Deplores Deterrent Spikes”

Nothing that can fly should get run over by a car

Evidently those birds with whom we share our urban areas, I refer, of course, to the pigeon, are possessors of significant intelligence. They are smart cookies regardless of their somewhat daft look – the oil ring around the neck doesn’t help. Elegant? I don’t think so. Refined? Not so much. Graceful? Not really. But smart,Continue reading “Nothing that can fly should get run over by a car”