Pedestrian Dos and Don’ts

Tourist season has struck Montreal as it does every year following the F1 Grand Prix and the opening of the Montreal International Jazz Festival. Visitors from far and wide have descended upon our metropolis armed with cameras and, one hopes, pockets stuffed with money. The best way to get around the city core is onContinue reading “Pedestrian Dos and Don’ts”

Bicycles On Sidewalks

Here in Montreal, the weather has finally shown signs that spring may just arrive at long last. Most if not all of the snow has been washed away by rain, sidewalks are being cleaned of the various abrasive substances used for pedestrian safety during the winter i.e. sand and gravel. I saw a few top-downContinue reading “Bicycles On Sidewalks”

For God’s Sake Stop Texting and MOVE!

Recently the Québec highway safety code was tweaked to make it an offence to text while driving. I wouldn’t have thought that would be necessary, considering the level of stupidity required to attempt to look at and type on a mobile device instead of concentrating on driving. But the new law makes it an offenceContinue reading “For God’s Sake Stop Texting and MOVE!”