Sir Paul McCartney dances with who brung him!

Last night the CBC ran an interview with Sir Paul McCartney, Rendezvous with Paul McCartney, that  included not only a sit-down chat with Genevieve Borne, but also some video of his backstage pre-performance rituals. I’ve seen several interviews over the years with Sir Paul and often found him to be just a wee bit full of himself.Continue reading “Sir Paul McCartney dances with who brung him!”

Beatles were way ahead of their time … betrayal and scandal

With the launch of the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary celebration there have been numerous installments of the “Stones or Beatles” debate. I’ll leave that for you to decide. What did strike me is the ability the Beatles, and in particular their lyricists Lennon/McCartney, had to almost foresee social situations and trends. The current situation inContinue reading “Beatles were way ahead of their time … betrayal and scandal”