Ground Hog Day: Patrick Roy to Colorado … again?!?

If the rumors are true, former Montreal Canadiens and Colorado Avalanche goaltender Patrick Roy will soon be introduced as the new head coach of the Avalanche. It seems it’s just a matter of crossing Ts and dotting Is. For some long-suffering Canadiens fans this is a wee bit like Ground Hog Day. For some long-suffering Canadiens fans this is aContinue reading “Ground Hog Day: Patrick Roy to Colorado … again?!?”

Everthing old is new again…Michel Therrien

The Montreal Canadiens will hire…again…Michel Therrien as head coach. In this era of recycling the Habs are environmental if nothing else. And although M. Therrien has a flat regular season record (77-77-37) in his first go behind the Montreal bench, that was ten years ago. He’s made it to the Stanley Cup finals during thatContinue reading “Everthing old is new again…Michel Therrien”

Habs hire new General Manager

The Montreal Canadiens have announced that Marc Bergevin has been hired as the new General Manager of the team thereby filling the second toughest job in the city – second only to Head Coach of the team which is tougher due to immediate pressure from fans and media. I can’t say I know much aboutContinue reading “Habs hire new General Manager”