UPDATED: Montreal’s free parking not so free when using the app

UPDATE: I believe in the concept of credit where credit is due, so I am posting this update. In response to my post last week, the parking authorities have contacted me to ‘own their error’, apologize for it and assure me that all who paid will be reimbursed. Just when you thought customer service wasContinue reading “UPDATED: Montreal’s free parking not so free when using the app”

Even electric vehicles need parking spots

In Montreal, we are entering the final weeks of municipal election campaigns. The two main candidates vying for mayor of the city are locked in a virtual tie. Promises are coming fast and furious. The incumbent, Valérie Plante, is hoping to hang on to her mayor’s seat, but her opponent, Denis Coderre, whom she defeatedContinue reading “Even electric vehicles need parking spots”

Montreal Mayor Fears For Downtown – She Should

Well, what do you know? Montreal’s Mayor Plante is now begging people to come downtown. This is the same mayor who has removed every parking spot from Ste. Catherine Street, downtown Montreal’s main commercial conduit. Even if we forget about the pandemic for a moment, did it really not cross the Mayor’s mind that byContinue reading “Montreal Mayor Fears For Downtown – She Should”

Killing Montreal Restaurants

Montreal is blessed with many great restaurants. But things have been tough on them over the last decade or so. Aside from the current COVID-19 shutdown, extended street closures for needed infrastructure repairs have spelled the end of many long-time eateries. The Star of India is an establishment that I have visited countless times overContinue reading “Killing Montreal Restaurants”

Downtown Montreal: Economic Revival and Parking

During the recent almost-total COVID-19 shutdown, many venues were affected. Not only stores, restaurants, bars, cinemas and, places of worship were closed, but parks as well. The equation is simple: take away parking spots and people will be less than keen to visit Montreal is blessed with many large green spaces, several of them onContinue reading “Downtown Montreal: Economic Revival and Parking”

When It Comes To Cars Montreal Is More Fresno Than Oslo

Evidently, if a recent article in a local newspaper is accurate, Montreal is in a war (a losing one this far) with cars. Our mayor has shown scorn for car owners by severely reducing the number of parking spots in the downtown core.  Her major reworking of central artery Ste. Catherine Street will see widerContinue reading “When It Comes To Cars Montreal Is More Fresno Than Oslo”

Sucking The Life Out Of Downtown Montreal One Parking Spot At A Time

We are now well into the month of December. While many may lament the too early appearance of Christmas decorations in stores in November (October?), all bets are now off. Seasonal shopping is in full swing; decorated windows, street lights, and pretty much anything that does not move are now deemed fair play. But nowContinue reading “Sucking The Life Out Of Downtown Montreal One Parking Spot At A Time”

War On Montreal Parking Spots

If you have tried to find a parking spot in downtown Montreal lately you will understand my angst. So many places have been turned into Bixi bicycle stands or marked reserved due to evidently non-existent construction that driving around and around has become the norm. During one such episode a few days ago, having spentContinue reading “War On Montreal Parking Spots”

Release That Parking Spot

In the photo above we see a Montreal Parking Enforcement Officer’s car parked in a perfectly legal spot. Why? In a city with a dearth of legal parking spots, it seems to me that a car that will never be given a ticket – this goes for police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks as wellContinue reading “Release That Parking Spot”

Montreal: Not Car Friendly In Summer

As summer-like weather arrives in Montreal, the last dregs of snow are being washed away by several days of rain. Flowers will soon start to bloom, overcoats will be replaced with shorts and sandals, and a sense of relief at having made it through another winter will descend on the citizens. Oh, and just likeContinue reading “Montreal: Not Car Friendly In Summer”