So, Like, Can We Rein In The Use Of Some Words?

Some while ago I was having a discussion with someone about the ‘hidden’ elements of various company logos. For instance, the arrow in the FedEx logo. Like most people who live in an urban area the FedEx logo is something we see almost daily on passing trucks and drop-off bins. But for the life ofContinue reading “So, Like, Can We Rein In The Use Of Some Words?”

Awesome Daily Post

Is there a word that is over used you ask in today’s awesome Daily Post. Awesome question. It deserves an awesome answer. The word that irks me no end is awesome! It’s everywhere all the time. Nothing is good or great or splendid, nope, awesome or nothing. And as these awesome buzz words go, awesomeContinue reading “Awesome Daily Post”

Where once there were multiple words, now there’s just multiple

Once coupled primarily with sclerosis, choice or orgasm, the word “multiple” has become the darling of the media recently. Multiple attacks; multiple air strikes, multiple times, multiple candidates… well, you get the idea. According to the folks at Merriam-Webster, many, ironically multiple, words, exist that are just as appropriate including: countless, innumerable, numberless, uncountable, unnumbered,Continue reading “Where once there were multiple words, now there’s just multiple”

Can you please stop saying “like”?

Definition of LIKE transitive verb 1chiefly dialect: to be suitable or agreeable to <I like onions but they don’t like me> 2a: to feel attraction toward or take pleasure in :enjoy <likes baseball> b: to feel toward :regard <how would you like a change> 3: to wish to have :want <would like a drink> 4:Continue reading “Can you please stop saying “like”?”