Ottawa City Council Caves to Uber

After months of rejection the city councilors of Ottawa on Wednesday voted to allow taxi services such as Uber. There was one dissenting vote among the twenty-four cast. Bravo Eli El-Chantiry. Unlike many of my friends south of the border, I like regulations. I like big government keeping an eye on things I have alwaysContinue reading “Ottawa City Council Caves to Uber”

Dear Ottawa Senators Fans

A condensed version of this letter appears in today’s Ottawa Citizen Dear Ottawa Senators Fans, Let me begin by congratulating you on your team’s advancement to the playoffs. It was a hard fought battle right to the end, and you can certainly be proud of the way your guys turned it on down the stretch.Continue reading “Dear Ottawa Senators Fans”

Ottawa Shooting: A Link in a Chain of Terror?

Today, in the wake of yesterday’s calamity in Ottawa that saw the nation’s government locked down, and Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, a brave soldier and young father with his whole life ahead of him, gunned down in a cowardly ambush while on ceremonial guard duty, nothing seems funny. As a proud Canadian I am usually pleasedContinue reading “Ottawa Shooting: A Link in a Chain of Terror?”

NHL gears up for playoffs; Lockout? What lockout?

Tonight’s game in Boston between the Bruins and Ottawa Senators – postponed earlier due to the Marathon bombing – will settle the playoff pairings. According to the Toronto Sun, the options are as follows: Ottawa wins in regulation – Bruins play Toronto Maple Leafs, Senators face the Montreal Canadiens, the New York Islanders take on theContinue reading “NHL gears up for playoffs; Lockout? What lockout?”

After fifty years Canada’s Purr-liament Hill cats get the axe; hope they get pensions

Now Stephen Harper and his Conservatives have gone too far. Never mind scrapping the gun registry, or cutting back on environmental funding, or even putting an end to prison fundraising for charities. Now we are about to lose, after 50 years, that venerable Parliament Hill institution, the cat sanctuary. According to CTV: Cats were originally usedContinue reading “After fifty years Canada’s Purr-liament Hill cats get the axe; hope they get pensions”

North American capital cities shaken up on Tuesday; Mother Nature and Barack Obama

Capital cities in two North American countries were shaken up on Tuesday. The Canadian capital Ottawa felt the earth move shortly after 4:05 am when a 4.5 magnitude earthquake struck near the Quebec town of Papineauville. Some Montrealers were also awakened by the quake but fortunately no injuries or damage have been reported. Just MotherContinue reading “North American capital cities shaken up on Tuesday; Mother Nature and Barack Obama”