Olympic games closing ceremony from Montreal

The London Olympics will close Sunday after 17 days of competitions. Perhaps it will remind Montrealers of a similar occasion some 36 years ago (and about 11 days) when the games of the XXI Olympiad closed here.  If not, here’s a reminder!! From one Olympic city to another – well done London!!

Olympians not so good at being bad…

First it was badminton players ridiculously throwing games with inane serves into the net. Now an Algerian runner has been tossed from the games because he dogged it in a race he wasn’t withdrawn from in time. “The Referee considered that he had not provided a bona fide effort and decided to exclude him fromContinue reading “Olympians not so good at being bad…”

“Bad” badminton players booted from games…but don’t have a bird about it

Eight Olympic badminton players were accused of throwing matches and have been booted from the London games according to CNN. I can’t believe these are the first group of Olympians who have tried to arrange for weaker opponents in future rounds by coming up short in the early stages, but I have not heard ofContinue reading ““Bad” badminton players booted from games…but don’t have a bird about it”

NBC blows Olympic coverage of swimming

According to MSNBC the security at the London Olympics has been a bit dodgy – they report that a set of keys to a major Olympic venue had been lost last week, and also make mention of the mystery crasher duringthe parade of athletes at the opening ceremonies. Too bad NBC wasn’t as quick toContinue reading “NBC blows Olympic coverage of swimming”