Sports Oddities: World Cup Solo Announcers, Wimbledon Pronunciation

Here in Canada the World Cup is being broadcast on the national network, CBC. During this first round fans are treated to three live matches every day starting at noon, followed by one at three o’clock and another at six o’clock. The day ends with a rebroadcast of one of the games at eight o’clock.Continue reading “Sports Oddities: World Cup Solo Announcers, Wimbledon Pronunciation”

Photo Challenge: Juxtaposed Bus Lines and Bustlines

This week’s Photo Challenge is: Juxtaposition. I’ve always been a fan of this concept; balance, Yin Yang, call it what you will. The juxtaposed photos below illustrate an interesting cultural difference between those waiting for and boarding a bus in England and those doing likewise in North America. One group approaches the bus from theContinue reading “Photo Challenge: Juxtaposed Bus Lines and Bustlines”