Venezuelan Elections Signal Changes on the Horizon

Last Sunday was a tense day around my place. My significantly better half, of Venezuelan origin, was glued to several social media apps – Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp in particular – in an attempt to get up to the minute information on the parliamentary elections in Venezuela. As an interested observer I had seen thisContinue reading “Venezuelan Elections Signal Changes on the Horizon”

Venezuela: Maduro Welcomes Castro – Hope He Likes Ketchup – While Cuban Flag Runs for Freedom

… during the welcoming ceremonies the Cuban flag, like so many of its citizens, made a break for freedom! As the juxtaposed photos below indicate, the old adage that full shelves are better for sales is being put to the test in Venezuela. On the left we see the bare milk and meat section whileContinue reading “Venezuela: Maduro Welcomes Castro – Hope He Likes Ketchup – While Cuban Flag Runs for Freedom”

Venezuelan Protesters to Forgo Carnivals

Today is the Friday before the long weekend that ends on Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, also known in Latin America as carnivals. The last big blow out before Lent, the forty day period of abstinence on the Catholic calendar.  Rio de Janeiro has its samba schools with ladies in elaborate but barely-there costumes, New OrleansContinue reading “Venezuelan Protesters to Forgo Carnivals”

Senator Marco Rubio Comes Out Swinging Against Venezuela’s Maduro

Marco Rubio, the junior senator from Florida and possible contender to be the 2016 Republican Presidential candidate has come out swinging against Venezuelan tyrant Nicholas Maduro. In interviews in English with CNN and in Spanish with CNN en Español, Rubio says he believes the time has come to apply sanctions against the government of Venezuela.Continue reading “Senator Marco Rubio Comes Out Swinging Against Venezuela’s Maduro”

SOS Venezuela: Godspeed and Chévere!

Abajo puede ver la traducción en español Dear Venezuelan Opposition, It is easy for me to sit here safely, some 4000 kilometers away, and urge you to keep up that momentum, to stay in the streets and maintain pressure on the government, but I believe that’s what must be done, and that you are showingContinue reading “SOS Venezuela: Godspeed and Chévere!”