COVID-19: Shaq and the NHL

I’m not much of a basketball fan. I played it as a kid but can’t say I follow the professionals. However, some athletes transcend their sport and Shaquille O’Neal is certainly one of those. “I think we should scrap the season. Everybody go home, get healthy, come back next year” In a recent interview, ShaqContinue reading “COVID-19: Shaq and the NHL”

Once Mighty Montreal Canadiens Now Just One of Thirty-One

If you are a sports fan in North America this is a very busy time of year. The baseball races are coming down to the wire. The NFL, CFL and college football are well underway. Hockey has begun preseason games and basketball is just around the corner. Phew! In Montreal, the focus is primarily onContinue reading “Once Mighty Montreal Canadiens Now Just One of Thirty-One”

Brandon Prust: The Edward Snowden of the NHL

In recent years the National Hockey League has taken strides to clean up its act, namely by attempting to totally eliminate fighting. Fine, but it may now want to take a look at its officials if it wants to be taken seriously. Is the situation not a wee bit arse-end foremost when Montreal Canadiens playerContinue reading “Brandon Prust: The Edward Snowden of the NHL”

Can Major League Baseball Learn From Cricketer Phillip Hughes’ Death?

What I know about cricket would fit in Jiminy’s vest pocket. But the recent tragic news of the death of Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes has brought the game to the attention of the non-cricket world. Will MLB follow this pattern and require new players to wear face protection as well as a helmet when batting?Continue reading “Can Major League Baseball Learn From Cricketer Phillip Hughes’ Death?”

NHL Tie-Breaking: How About Zamboni Races?

If you ask me, and no one has, just leave the damned game tied. Give each team a point and go home. It worked for donkey’s years. However, if you must decide a game, if a clear winner and loser is your desire, then please decide the game by playing the game, not just oneContinue reading “NHL Tie-Breaking: How About Zamboni Races?”

Hockey and an Inter-Generational Linguistic Oddity

… the oldest talked about the days when kids used department store catalogs for shin pads and frozen horse manure – road apples – for pucks … A few years ago at a family gathering, being good Canadian folks, the topic of hockey traditions came up. There were three generations present, the oldest talked aboutContinue reading “Hockey and an Inter-Generational Linguistic Oddity”

The Stanley Cup Ventures South of the Border

While it feels like it’s been much longer, it has been 20 years since a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup. The Montreal Canadiens 1993 cup win was the last by a team from north of the 49th parallel – and it looks like it may be up to them to break the streak, asContinue reading “The Stanley Cup Ventures South of the Border”

Outdoor hockey: A Canadian icon, but not for the NHL

Like many a Canadian lad I recall playing outdoor hockey in the elements – snow and wind. Natural ice that had to be shoveled after a snowfall, no lines or dots painted, a relaxed no-rules game.  To this day the sound of a puck smacking the boards of an outdoor skating rink on a crispContinue reading “Outdoor hockey: A Canadian icon, but not for the NHL”

Parros’ concussion is not a good example of the need to ban fighting in the NHL – it was more accident than fight related

The 2013-14 NHL season is mere days old and already the hot topic is fighting. At a time when discussions on sports networks might logically be focused on how the first taste of the new hybrid icing rule is playing out attention is on the incident in the Montreal Canadiens home opener in which HabsContinue reading “Parros’ concussion is not a good example of the need to ban fighting in the NHL – it was more accident than fight related”

Historical Sports Tweets

    DCMontreal is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establish balance and juxtapositions; a bit of this and a bit of that. a dash of Yin and a soupçon of Yang, some Peaks and Freans and maybe a bit of a sting in the tail! Please follow DC on Twitter @DCMontrealContinue reading “Historical Sports Tweets”