The Conspiracy to Make Hockey Soccer

I enjoy watching sports on television. Not binge-type watching, but a bit here and there. I enjoy baseball, football, a bit of basketball and soccer and, of course, as a good Montrealer my favourite is hockey. There is a very popular sport called football in most of the world, and soccer here in North America.Continue reading “The Conspiracy to Make Hockey Soccer”

Hockey Night in Canada: Rogers, Strombo and Decoder Rings

The new era has begun: communications giant Rogers has started it’s 12-year odyssey as Canada’s broadcaster of NHL hockey.  Out with some old, in with some new. It’s early days yet, but already there are changes aplenty for hockey fans to digest. Some interesting additions include a “Sky-Cam” which resembles the NFL’s up-field play-following angle.Continue reading “Hockey Night in Canada: Rogers, Strombo and Decoder Rings”