Language in Quebec; guns in the US – the search for peace

Interesting juxtaposition on the Opinion Page of today’s The Gazette. On the left side, a series of letters relating to linguistic peace in Quebec. While on the right hand side Aislin’s cartoon captures the difficulty President Obama faces in trying to solve the growing gun problem in the United States. I’d like both of theseContinue reading “Language in Quebec; guns in the US – the search for peace”

Newtown copycats cause church evacuation

Sadly the copycat mentality is alive and well and causing havoc in Newtown and surrounding areas in Connecticut. Yesterday’s church service, not the one attended by President Obama, had to be cut short and the church evacuated due to a bomb threat. What kind of mind does something like that? Today schools in two otherContinue reading “Newtown copycats cause church evacuation”

Sandy Hook Elementary: Time needed to heal, change school sign

On the 13th of March 1996 in Dunblane, Scotland Thomas Hamilton  entered Dunblane Primary School armed with four handguns.He shot and killed sixteen children and one adult before committing suicide. I recall that once the church services were over the community asked the media to leave them alone to recover. It is soon going to be timeContinue reading “Sandy Hook Elementary: Time needed to heal, change school sign”

Newtown, Lanza and an Asperger’s backlash

Will alleged Newtown killer Adam Lanza become the poster child for those who are pointing the finger at sufferers of Asperger’s syndrome? Unfortunately it doesn’t take much at times such as these when feelings are raw for some to seek a scapegoat and the current trend seems to be Asperger’s. The Toronto Star has a piece on theContinue reading “Newtown, Lanza and an Asperger’s backlash”

Glocks in schools

When it comes to Glocks, the Glockenspiel, pictured at left below, is a mainstay of marching bands around the world, it dates back to the 1700s; the Austrian made Glock semi-automatic pistol, on the right, has been around since 1982. While both are called Glock, only one of them should ever be found in aContinue reading “Glocks in schools”