Missing Red Dot

A couple of months ago my wife and I visited New York City. We stayed in a hotel on the Upper West Side, clean, convenient, and not too pricey. The only problem was the dodgy emergency exit signs. We were on the eleventh floor, one that had clearly once had larger rooms that had beenContinue reading “Missing Red Dot”

New York City Redux

What a difference forty-two years make. In 1977, when I was 17/18 years old a group of my fellow college students and I went, on two occasions, to New York City. The school hired the bus and booked the hotel rooms, I think the whole thing may have cost $60. At that time New YorkContinue reading “New York City Redux”

Welcome to Montreal, Please Don’t Turn Right on Red

Recently I saw an item on the number of European countries that have elected governments with far right positions. In the US, the current battles for party presidential candidates show a strong move further to the right for the Republicans as Donald Trump talks walls and immigration. All these turns to the right, even ifContinue reading “Welcome to Montreal, Please Don’t Turn Right on Red”

Back when I was young: In Montreal breakfast was an art, and the spud was the canvas

They say that one of the signs you’re getting old is that you find yourself, more and more often, using phrases such as: When I was a boy/girl, Back when I was young, In my day, When I was a kid. Well, you get the idea. Rather than fight this tendency I’ve decided to embraceContinue reading “Back when I was young: In Montreal breakfast was an art, and the spud was the canvas”

Montreal needs to enforce a “Don’t Block the Box” law

The last week of August signaling the end of the vacation season is clearly upon us if traffic tie-ups are any indication. As a fairly keen observer of irksome traffic situations as both a pedestrian and a motorist I can’t help but notice that Montreal’s urban traffic woes are very often caused by the sameContinue reading “Montreal needs to enforce a “Don’t Block the Box” law”