MLB Must Act Now To Protect Fans

During a recent Red Sox game at Fenway Park a woman, sitting in the expensive seats along the third base line, was struck by the business end of a broken bat. At this time she remains hospitalized in a ‘life-threatening’ condition. While I understand that being close to the action is a considerable draw forContinue reading “MLB Must Act Now To Protect Fans”

Brandon Prust: The Edward Snowden of the NHL

In recent years the National Hockey League has taken strides to clean up its act, namely by attempting to totally eliminate fighting. Fine, but it may now want to take a look at its officials if it wants to be taken seriously. Is the situation not a wee bit arse-end foremost when Montreal Canadiens playerContinue reading “Brandon Prust: The Edward Snowden of the NHL”

Patriots vs Colts: A Blow Out But Not a Blow Up

There is a bit of family lore that has my now late father, as a young lad, playing soccer with a bunch of friends. During the course of the pick-up game he managed to collide with another player resulting in his shoulder being dislocated. Of course that was only diagnosed some hours later as myContinue reading “Patriots vs Colts: A Blow Out But Not a Blow Up”

Can Major League Baseball Learn From Cricketer Phillip Hughes’ Death?

What I know about cricket would fit in Jiminy’s vest pocket. But the recent tragic news of the death of Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes has brought the game to the attention of the non-cricket world. Will MLB follow this pattern and require new players to wear face protection as well as a helmet when batting?Continue reading “Can Major League Baseball Learn From Cricketer Phillip Hughes’ Death?”

ManU Fires Manager After Just Ten Months

Manchester United just fired their manager after only ten months in the position. The fact that the club is having its worst year since 1975 is the reason. Period. David Moyes, who was tasked with the impossible chore of filling the shoes of the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson at the helm of the team, cameContinue reading “ManU Fires Manager After Just Ten Months”

NHL should rethink how assists are awarded

While watching last nights hockey game I found myself wondering about the scoring system. In particular the awarding of an assist. In the second period Montreal’s Erik Cole scored a goal to tie the game at 3-3. The team was buzzing around the Winnipeg net, a goal-mouth scramble ensued, goaltender Ondrej Pavelec made several stopsContinue reading “NHL should rethink how assists are awarded”

NHL returns, Habs add size at last minute

Today is the long awaited return of the NHL. All will be forgiven … kiss and make up … a few free hot dogs and a couple of soft drinks and all is well again between the fans and the players. As it should be; as it always is. Also, as it always is, theContinue reading “NHL returns, Habs add size at last minute”

Vice presidential debate and the NHL lockout

The second of the 2012 US election campaign candidate debates takes place tonight with the vice presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan going head-to-head. Unlike the presidential candidates debates, I can’t imagine too many people will be swayed to vote one way or the other based on the vice presidential debate. This allows theContinue reading “Vice presidential debate and the NHL lockout”

NHL dispute and loss of hockey; fans don’t seem to care…yet!

A Postmedia News article in today’s The Gazette  quotes an NRG Research Group and Peak Communicators survey that found that half of those surveyed don’t really care about the possible lengthy loss of hockey due to the current dispute between NHL players and owners. The results, out Tuesday, showed 52 per cent of those surveyedContinue reading “NHL dispute and loss of hockey; fans don’t seem to care…yet!”

All Star games – no need to actually play them!

With the NHL season in a precarious position due to negotiations and a looming lock-out one of the casualties of even a fairly short lock-out could be the annual All Star game slated for Columbus this time round. While I feel for the people of Columbus and the potential loss of revenue I can’t sayContinue reading “All Star games – no need to actually play them!”