Traffic Cones or Clones?

History books, documentaries, films and novels provide a great many recountings and portrayals of the arrival of occupying armies in various cities and countries. From the tale of the Trojan Horse to the occupation of numerous towns by the Nazis, nighttime subterfuge has been a hallmark. These troops arrive under cover of darkness, giving citizensContinue reading “Traffic Cones or Clones?”

Montreal’s New Mega-Hospital; You Can Please Some of the People Some of the Time …

This Sunday the Montreal Children’s Hospital will move from its current longtime location to the brand spanking new Glen Campus of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) a few kilometres away. Some hundred patients will be ferried by a fleet of ambulances, departing every three minutes. The details have been worked out to the minuteContinue reading “Montreal’s New Mega-Hospital; You Can Please Some of the People Some of the Time …”

Hospital Movers Can Learn From Montreal Canadiens

After years of construction, some scandals and much second guessing, Montreal’s Royal Victoria Hospital’s move to the new McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) super hospital site is now mere days away. I hope those who are charged with overseeing things don’t make the same mistake that the Montreal Canadiens made when they moved. Yes, I’mContinue reading “Hospital Movers Can Learn From Montreal Canadiens”

Tubes, pneumatic and otherwise, still play key role in hospitals

On a recent visit to the Montreal General Hospital (MGH) I noticed on the wall an old pneumatic tube station, no, not like the London Underground. If you’re not familiar with the concept, pneumatic tubes, or capsule pipelines, are the system that department stores once used to send money to and receive cash back fromContinue reading “Tubes, pneumatic and otherwise, still play key role in hospitals”