Mainstream Media and Russian Hacking

One often hears the term ‘mainstream media’ these days. It is often used derogatorily by President Trump to indicate those news channels and publications that do not support him. It is not the job of any media outlet to support any president; rather the constant questioning is a necessary means of checks and balances. WithoutContinue reading “Mainstream Media and Russian Hacking”

Living on the Cusp of Breaking News

Cusp :  point, apex: such as :  a point of transition (as from one historical period to the next) :  turning point; also :  edge, verge on the cusp of stardom As I sit here north of the United States I am struck on a daily basis by the political goings-on of my neighbour. TheContinue reading “Living on the Cusp of Breaking News”

Victoria, B.C. terrorist bombing attempt thwarted; Canadian media keep things in perspective

Congratulations to all involved in snuffing out this attempt to disrupt, maim and kill, and kudos to Canadian media outlets for taking a big story and providing information, not sensationalism. I’ve never been there, but they say Victoria, British Columbia is a beautiful city. Without the work of several police forces that could have changedContinue reading “Victoria, B.C. terrorist bombing attempt thwarted; Canadian media keep things in perspective”

NBC blows Olympic coverage of swimming

According to MSNBC the security at the London Olympics has been a bit dodgy – they report that a set of keys to a major Olympic venue had been lost last week, and also make mention of the mystery crasher duringthe parade of athletes at the opening ceremonies. Too bad NBC wasn’t as quick toContinue reading “NBC blows Olympic coverage of swimming”