How Do Costa Rican Motorcyclists Survive?

During my second trip to Costa Rica to visit in-laws over the holidays, I could not help but consider yet again how it can be possible that any motorcycle riders survive the roads and traffic. Those of us who are used to more recent urbanization, including streets set out in a grid formation, are atContinue reading “How Do Costa Rican Motorcyclists Survive?”

Labour Day Event: Digby, Nova Scotia Rally Short on Stevedore Rodents!

For the tenth consecutive year the town of Digby, Nova Scotia has hosted its Labour Day Wharf Rat Rally. The event features motorcyclists from far and wide descending upon the small town in droves –  some estimates put the number at 25,000.  If you were looking for an event into which you could enter yourContinue reading “Labour Day Event: Digby, Nova Scotia Rally Short on Stevedore Rodents!”