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The Boston Hockey Fan’s Montreal Map:Irish Pubs, Strip Bars and a Basilica

None of the Canadiens had played at (12:30) since Pee-Wee, and those games comprise three 15-minute periods. No wonder the Habs stopped playing after 45 minutes!

Welcome to Montreal Boston hockey fans! So the 34th Bruins/Habs playoff series is all tied up at one game apiece after that sneaky 12:30 start for game two. None of the Canadiens had played at that time since Pee-Wee, and those games comprise three 15-minute periods. No wonder the Habs stopped playing after 45 minutes!  Now you’ve decided to make a mid-week trek north to watch games 3 and 4. There are millions of tourist maps available online and at various locations in the city, but I’ve provided one below that cuts to the chase and includes the essentials for a Boston hockey fan in Montreal: the BELL Centre, Strip Bars, Irish pubs, and a basilica!

In blue is the BELL Centre where the games take place. If you are feeling nostalgic you can venture west to the old Montreal Forum which now houses retail outlets and a cinema or two. But remember we still haven’t found those Forum Ghosts from when the team moved, but we’re pretty sure one or two have hung back at the Forum – think of it as a Ghost Trap Play – as I’m told there are several Leafs’ fans who popped in and then, like a Toronto Stanley Cup parade,  were never been seen again!

In green I’ve pointed-out several Irish Pubs. Montreal has a slew of bars and pubs, many of them Anglo/Irish in theme. The four I have indicated on the map – Hurley’s, 1225 Crescent Street,  McKibbon’s, 1426  Bishop Street, the Old Dublin, 636 Cathcart Street, and the Irish Embassy, 1234 Bishop Street –   are just the ones I’m most familiar with.

The same goes for Montreal’s strip bars; they are all over the place, on main streets and side streets. The two I have selected are Wanda’s, 1458 Mountain St and Chez Paree, 1258 Rue Stanley which is an NHL players favorite!

Should you feel the need to cleanse your soul, St. Patrick’s Basilica, 454 René Lévesque Blvd. West, is the mother church to Montreal’s Irish Catholics.


Enjoy your stay, and may the Canadiens best team win!

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