Baseball in Montreal

So, the return of baseball to Montreal is once again in the news. Major League Baseball at that. The story broke yesterday that the brain trust at MLB has given the Tampa Bay Rays (once the Devil Rays) permission to talk to Montreal investors about the possibility of splitting the team’s games between the twoContinue reading “Baseball in Montreal”

Dear Washington Nationals Fans

Dear Washington Nationals Fans, Let me start by congratulating you, and of course the Nationals, for a great season; I wish you the very best of luck in the postseason. I hope you understand that I, as a Montrealer, share a little bit of your pride and excitement. Mind you there is still hurt andContinue reading “Dear Washington Nationals Fans”

Major League Baseball in Montreal getting lots of ink lately

Jim Caple, Senior Writer,, has a great post today about bringing Major League baseball back to Montreal. It is lengthy and provides much background on the Expos and their demise. ButĀ  hisĀ angle is mostly on the positive aspects of Nos Amours and how a movement is afoot to bring them back. The shame ofContinue reading “Major League Baseball in Montreal getting lots of ink lately”