Adieu Jean Béliveau

Legendary Montreal Canadiens hockey great Jean Béliveau passed away late last week. Since then tributes have poured in from far and wide. Few public figures, even those much loved, are totally free of a bit of negativity murmured at their passing. Yet Béliveau seems to have accomplished precisely that. I was downtown yesterday and madeContinue reading “Adieu Jean Béliveau”

Hockey Legend Jean Béliveau Has Passed Away … Merci Le Gros Bill

Merci Le Gros Bill ….   DCMontreal – Deegan Charles Stubbs – is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establish balance and juxtapositions; a bit of this and a bit of that, a dash of Yin and a soupçon of Yang, some Peaks and an occasional Frean and maybe a bit ofContinue reading “Hockey Legend Jean Béliveau Has Passed Away … Merci Le Gros Bill”

Montreal’s BELL Centre: Flat On My Back

It was my first appearance at ice-level in Montreal’s BELL Centre, home of the illustrious Montreal Canadiens hockey team And wouldn’t you just know it, my big chance to make an impression and I ended up flat on my back. As I lay there  a member of the medical team asked me questions: my fullContinue reading “Montreal’s BELL Centre: Flat On My Back”

Rogers, HNIC and Guy Lapointe

When it comes to Canada and hockey there is no end to the possible cliches. But cliches usually become cliche because they are true. It cannot be denied; we Canadians love our hockey. Therefore successfully televising NHL hockey should be about as difficult as selling bottled water in the desert. Yet the new rights-holder toContinue reading “Rogers, HNIC and Guy Lapointe”

Habs’ Great Start Right Up This Alley Cat’s Alley

I keep warning Ferguson that it is still very early in the season. Only six games have been played. Anything can happen between now and next spring, even if the team is off to a great, almost purr-fect, 5-1 start. But he insists on wearing his Montreal Canadiens scarf and sitting in the window!  “ThisContinue reading “Habs’ Great Start Right Up This Alley Cat’s Alley”

Dear Washington Nationals Fans

Dear Washington Nationals Fans, Let me start by congratulating you, and of course the Nationals, for a great season; I wish you the very best of luck in the postseason. I hope you understand that I, as a Montrealer, share a little bit of your pride and excitement. Mind you there is still hurt andContinue reading “Dear Washington Nationals Fans”

I Think I’ve Always Been A Good Uncle; But Today I Am A Grand-Uncle!

Montreal, September 16, 2014 Dear Grayson, Welcome and thank you for making me a grand-uncle. At 3:13 this morning you decided to  end your two-week hold-out and make an appearance. I think I’ve been a pretty darn good uncle for almost 40 years, but you have made me Grand, thanks for the promotion. By theContinue reading “I Think I’ve Always Been A Good Uncle; But Today I Am A Grand-Uncle!”

Audio Link To DCMontreal CJAD Interview

Here’s a link to my interview on CJAD News 800 Montreal regarding the changing fan-base  of the Montreal Canadiens. I think it’s OK, not too bad, acceptable? I hope you can give it a listen! DCMontreal is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establish balance and juxtapositions; a bit of this andContinue reading “Audio Link To DCMontreal CJAD Interview”

DCMontreal In Print And On Radio: Analysis of Changing Habs Fans

In today’s The Gazette I have been fortunate enough to have my submission selected as the Letter of the Week. The letter, about the changing fan-base of the Montreal Canadiens, is below.  I will be interviewed by Aaron Rand on Montreal’s CJAD 800 radio this evening at 6:35 EDT (22:35 GMT).  I hope you canContinue reading “DCMontreal In Print And On Radio: Analysis of Changing Habs Fans”

Canadiens Coach Therrien Takes Big Gamble

If the young replacement comes through and gets a couple of wins in New York and ties the series, Therrien will look like a hockey wizard. If he continues to be merely average the coach will forever be questioned and second guessed for not starting his back-up in game three. If you are following theContinue reading “Canadiens Coach Therrien Takes Big Gamble”