All-Star Break State-Of-The-Game Interview With Abner Doubleday

You can find my interview with baseball inventor Abner Doubleday on Baseball Hot Corner. With the All-Star break upon us, and the Major League Baseball season at mid-point, I thought it might be interesting to speak with the man who is at the heart of not only every team, but every baseball game played, someoneContinue reading “All-Star Break State-Of-The-Game Interview With Abner Doubleday”

Report indicates Montreal can support a new baseball team

Great news! A Conference Board of Canada report indicates that a Major League Baseball team could be supported in Montreal. If given another opportunity let’s do it right: concentrate on putting a quality team on the field first and worry about the ideal stadium second. The Olympic Stadium was far from ideal, but when theContinue reading “Report indicates Montreal can support a new baseball team”

Red Sox slow start

Once the Expos left town I turned to the Boston Red Sox for my MLB fix. It seemed logical: the city is fairly close and somewhat similar to Montreal. I can’t say that I follow the Red Sox as closely as I did the Expos, but it has been interesting watching them struggle so farContinue reading “Red Sox slow start”