Language And Acceptance Culture

Let me vent. While I understand that languages evolve over time (if not we would be speaking English as Shakespeare wrote it) but sometimes I have difficulty with the current usage. However, perhaps diametrically opposed to cancel culture, a movement that applies today’s values to historical events and calls for cancelations (see Le Pew, Pepe),Continue reading “Language And Acceptance Culture”

Quebec Linguistic Oddity

As we wind-down the 2014 Quebec election campaign and get ready to actually cast ballots on Monday, the only poll that counts, the country’s media is chock-a-block with coverage. Nice to feel wanted! Here’s a fun little linguistic tidbit – no, not that sort of linguistic problem – let’s leave those aside until at leastContinue reading “Quebec Linguistic Oddity”

Can you please stop saying “like”?

Definition of LIKE transitive verb 1chiefly dialect: to be suitable or agreeable to <I like onions but they don’t like me> 2a: to feel attraction toward or take pleasure in :enjoy <likes baseball> b: to feel toward :regard <how would you like a change> 3: to wish to have :want <would like a drink> 4:Continue reading “Can you please stop saying “like”?”