Uber, Millennials, Jameson Whiskey and Entitlement

A word often used to describe the population cohort referred to as Millennials is entitled. Somehow many of those born around the turn of the millennium, and therefore in their twenties and thirties now, have a sense of entitlement. I must admit I don’t have much interaction with this age group, so I was atContinue reading “Uber, Millennials, Jameson Whiskey and Entitlement”

Millennials Lag Behind Hippies When It Comes To Concert Nudity

Warning: This Post Contains Non-Millennial Nudity One often hears that millennials, those folks born around the turn of the millennium and in their late teens and twenties now, are more open to some of the things that we older people wrestle to grasp. Gender used to be a zero-sum game: male or female. Now itContinue reading “Millennials Lag Behind Hippies When It Comes To Concert Nudity”

Bro-Hug: Millennials Take on Handshakes

They call them the millennial generation, or just millennials, those folks who became young adults around the year 2000. Like all generations they will surely leave their mark on society and, tattoo-lovers that they are, on themselves. Lost on millennials is the title of the late Irish blues guitar great Rory Gallagher, Tattoo’d Lady, andContinue reading “Bro-Hug: Millennials Take on Handshakes”