Montreal Canadiens Coach Snubs Rookie Reporter

We no longer live in a world where fedora-wearing reporters, pencils and pads in hand, try to get a few words out of a coach in his office after a game. Teams have elaborate media rooms set up with lights, cameras and branding and advertising galore. This age of instant information just makes stubborn orContinue reading “Montreal Canadiens Coach Snubs Rookie Reporter”

Canadiens Coach Therrien Takes Big Gamble

If the young replacement comes through and gets a couple of wins in New York and ties the series, Therrien will look like a hockey wizard. If he continues to be merely average the coach will forever be questioned and second guessed for not starting his back-up in game three. If you are following theContinue reading “Canadiens Coach Therrien Takes Big Gamble”

Everthing old is new again…Michel Therrien

The Montreal Canadiens will hire…again…Michel Therrien as head coach. In this era of recycling the Habs are environmental if nothing else. And although M. Therrien has a flat regular season record (77-77-37) in his first go behind the Montreal bench, that was ten years ago. He’s made it to the Stanley Cup finals during thatContinue reading “Everthing old is new again…Michel Therrien”