Michael Jackson: To Ban Or Not To Ban

Following the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland that rocked the Michael Jackson legacy, several radio stations in Canada have stopped playing his music. The four-hour documentary seems to provide irrefutable evidence of The King of Pop’s paedophilic tendencies. While some will make the argument that he is no longer with us and therefore not able toContinue reading “Michael Jackson: To Ban Or Not To Ban”

Bruno Mars, James Brown, Beatboxing and Train Whistles

Most of the music I listen to these days I find on various online applications that allow me to select songs and artists from the past. Accuradio and Tunein Radio chief among them. A bit of nostalgia no doubt, but frankly my ability to appreciate and enjoy music has been severely altered over the lastContinue reading “Bruno Mars, James Brown, Beatboxing and Train Whistles”

Blood Drive Volunteers are Music Greats

If you read this blog with any frequency you may know that I am a regular blood donor. My double negative blood type makes my red stuff ideal for babies in need of transfusions. How could I not give as often as possible? When the Hema-Quebec folks called me a few weeks ago to letContinue reading “Blood Drive Volunteers are Music Greats”