Jorge Ramos’ Colleagues Owe Him An Apology

As Lewis Carroll may have put it, the Donald J. Trump phenomenon gets curiouser and curiouser. At one time the media were all over Trump for comments he made regarding FOX News’ Megyn Kelly. The journalistic wagons were circled, competitors stood up for Kelly. Trump was the bad guy. The journalistic wagons were circled, competitorsContinue reading “Jorge Ramos’ Colleagues Owe Him An Apology”

Duggars on FOX: Will Speak About Molesting Scandal

At last everyone’s favourite side-hugging, pickle-eating frumpy-dressing family the Duggars are going to break their silence and will address the molestation issue that has put them in a different light. In fact they have already issued statements about eldest child Josh’s actions as a young teenager when he enjoyed playing a bit of slap andContinue reading “Duggars on FOX: Will Speak About Molesting Scandal”