Confusing Twitter Feeds

No wonder folks are confused these days. While scrolling through my Twitter feed today as I sipped my morning coffee I was pleased to see the breaking news from BBC about Scotland ending almost all COVID restrictions. Phew … some good news to start the day. I know Scotland is a long way from Montreal,Continue reading “Confusing Twitter Feeds”

News Coverage: Juxtaposing COVID19 With World Wars

As we try to deal with the COVID19 pandemic there is no shortage of news. Some accurate, some not. Some sensational, some factual. The news channels and radio talk shows are having a field day. The smallest item gets analyzed and poked to the nth degree. Sometimes you just have to change the channel toContinue reading “News Coverage: Juxtaposing COVID19 With World Wars”

Karla Homolka’s Children Are Innocent

There has been a very heated debate in Montreal over the last few days. To get an idea of just how emotional this has become requires a bit of background. The person at the eye of the storm is one Karla Homolka, a convicted sex murderer. Well, sort of convicted. When she was married toContinue reading “Karla Homolka’s Children Are Innocent”

Use The Vaudeville Hook On Those Who Try To Evade Media Questions

The present state of iciness between the media and the Trump administration is not beneficial for democracy.  The daily appearance of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer before the media is usually fraught with nastiness, obfuscation and outright lies. The current conditions go beyond a bit of trickery, with Spicer often treating the assembled mediaContinue reading “Use The Vaudeville Hook On Those Who Try To Evade Media Questions”

Nelson Mandela’s passing should be solemn not circus

I hope he will be remembered for the great things he accomplished, and not for the circus his last days have become The headlines about former South African President Nelson Mandela range from the respectful to the lurid: Nelson Mandela on life support, court documents show – USA Today Source: Nelson Mandela on dialysis, butContinue reading “Nelson Mandela’s passing should be solemn not circus”

CNN’s “New Day” hosts look awkward together

They don’t come across as a cohesive team of journalists who want to spend some time in our living rooms each morning, tick-tacking back and forth in an easy manner It’s been a couple of weeks since CNN introduced its much promoted new morning show “New Day”. During the first week there was a smallContinue reading “CNN’s “New Day” hosts look awkward together”

Montreal news media miss community drama

Please see update below Streets closed for several hours, troubled man leaves peacefully  I’ll never understand the news media. Take Saturday for instance. I live in a vibrant little community on the doorstep of downtown Montreal where sunny summer Saturdays are usually taken up with kids’ soccer and the household chores such as shopping andContinue reading “Montreal news media miss community drama”