McGill University And Cancel Culture

Recently the administrative powers that be at McGill University succumbed to pressure from cancel culture adherents and removed a statue of founder James McGill from the main campus. James McGill was not only the university’s founder, but was, like many wealthy folks of his vintage, an owner of slaves. Does removing the statue erase thisContinue reading “McGill University And Cancel Culture”

Hospital Movers Can Learn From Montreal Canadiens

After years of construction, some scandals and much second guessing, Montreal’s Royal Victoria Hospital’s move to the new McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) super hospital site is now mere days away. I hope those who are charged with overseeing things don’t make the same mistake that the Montreal Canadiens made when they moved. Yes, I’mContinue reading “Hospital Movers Can Learn From Montreal Canadiens”

The Sad Demise of the Well-Rounded Higher Education

A while ago CNN took a gander at the state of higher education. The documentary Ivory Tower looked at the rising cost of education and probed whether or not it is worth it. I sense the program seemed to get short shrift. I certainly understand the need for a good job with sufficient earnings toContinue reading “The Sad Demise of the Well-Rounded Higher Education”

Names; appropriate and otherwise – ode to Ronald Lee Homer Jr.

I’ve always been interested in how some names are so very appropriate. For instance here in Montreal from time to time a news story arises about birds and the media, in search of an expert opinion, go to a local ornithologist, who just happens to be Dr. David Bird of McGill University. Didn’t it cross anyoneContinue reading “Names; appropriate and otherwise – ode to Ronald Lee Homer Jr.”

Declare convocation ceremonies “Non Protest” zones

As I was strolling along a very misty Sherbrooke Street this morning I noticed that McGill’s lower campus is being prepared for spring convocations. White pavilions – beer tents to me!! – are being installed in preparation for the convocations that begin on June 1stand go on for about a week. I then wondered whatContinue reading “Declare convocation ceremonies “Non Protest” zones”