McDonald’s Takes Next Step in Customer Training

Every now and then, whether for convenience or a longing for grease, I pop into McDonald’s for a quick bite. The first time I went to a McDonald’s was when I was in high school during the mid-seventies. Burgers were much cheaper then and were housed in squeaky Styrofoam containers that will take a gazillionContinue reading “McDonald’s Takes Next Step in Customer Training”

Please Put The ‘Fast’ Back in Fast Food

In an attempt to encourage healthy eating, a neighbouring borough is in the process of reducing the number of ‘fast food’ outlets allowed.  This has spawned great debate among those who favour a free market and those who applaud the effort to cut back on fast food. As an occasional consumer of the odd Quarter-PounderContinue reading “Please Put The ‘Fast’ Back in Fast Food”

Dear McDonald’s Canada: Line-Ups and Closed Cashes

… a store should never have a line up AND closed check-outs Dear McDonald’s Canada, I’ve got a bone to pick with you, and yes I do realize that may be an alien concept to you given nothing you sell, not even your spareribs, has bones. But this isn’t about food quality or even nutrition.Continue reading “Dear McDonald’s Canada: Line-Ups and Closed Cashes”

McDonald’s “Two Can Dine” TV ad is confusing, at least to me …

Now it might just be me, that is entirely possible, but I find the current McDonald’s “Two Can Dine” television ads a bit confusing. On the ad they show a Big Mac and a McChicken, behind which appears to be to be one order of fries and one soft drink. The voice over stresses thatContinue reading “McDonald’s “Two Can Dine” TV ad is confusing, at least to me …”