Quebec Flooding and Politicians’ Photo Ops

There are several areas in Canada that are suffering spring flooding, but none worse than the south-western part of the Province of Quebec including parts of the island of Montreal. For the first time in twenty years a Montreal mayor – Denis Coderre –  has declared a State of Emergency. I have family members whoContinue reading “Quebec Flooding and Politicians’ Photo Ops”

Montreal: No Anti-Homeless Spikes And Heated Sidewalks

Montreal’s Mayor Denis Coderre won the hearts of many citizens last spring when he became enraged over the use of “anti-homeless” spikes by some downtown merchants. “I find it unacceptable because it sends the wrong message, as long as I’m here it will be totally unacceptable — we can’t have that kind of society.” saidContinue reading “Montreal: No Anti-Homeless Spikes And Heated Sidewalks”

Pigeon Deplores Deterrent Spikes

Here we go again I thought as yet another  member of the local urban wildlife made an appearance on my windowsill. This time, while taking a break and watching some of the World Cup from Brazil, I clearly saw the pigeon land and peer in my window. Thinking the bird was, like most of theContinue reading “Pigeon Deplores Deterrent Spikes”

Homeless Deterrent Spikes Removed. Montreal Mayor Acts Fast. Potholes Next?!?

Montreal’s Mayor Denis Coderre , with whom I continue to be impressed, showed once again yesterday that he is a man of the people. When it was brought to his attention that “anti-homeless” devices had been installed outside some stores on one of the city’s main shopping streets he was irate, and ordered their immediateContinue reading “Homeless Deterrent Spikes Removed. Montreal Mayor Acts Fast. Potholes Next?!?”