The Oscars® Snuck Up On Me

The Academy Awards® are tomorrow night. I just found out about that. They evidently snuck up on me. I’m not a big movie-goer so that should not come as a surprise. But it seems to me that the Academy Awards® are falling behind in the hype department. About the only hope for controversy this year isContinue reading “The Oscars® Snuck Up On Me”

CITY-TV Grammy Red Carpet Host Robertson Coulda’ Been a Contender

Last night in Los Angeles, you just had to feel for Ed Robertson, a founding member of the Barenaked Ladies.  At the Grammy Awards Ed was apparently suffering from a crisis of personality: do I toady to these celebrities, or should I be toadied to. Ed was on the red carpet last night, not becauseContinue reading “CITY-TV Grammy Red Carpet Host Robertson Coulda’ Been a Contender”