C’mon IKEA You Can Do Better

Unlike many people, I’m a fan of IKEA. I like many of their products and particularly enjoy our traditional annual trek to get a Christmas tree. The trees are all about the right size, they only cost $25 and you can get that money back after Christmas if you spend over $100. Not a badContinue reading “C’mon IKEA You Can Do Better”

Think I’ll Be An Influencer

Taking advantage of round two of COVID-19 isolation, I’ve been doing some thinking (not always a good idea, in all honesty). Not only have I been thinking, but I’ve decided to seriously consider making a career change. Yes indeed, at the ripe old age of sixty-one I have decided to become an Influencer. It hitContinue reading “Think I’ll Be An Influencer”

Coors Light Box of Thirty Cans: Caveat emptor

Dear Molson Coors, I have long been a consumer of your Coors Light product. I have been very satisfied with the quality of this beer. Recently, while entertaining guests from out of town,  I had cause to purchase a larger amount of beer than usual. I bought one 30 can box of Coors Light thenContinue reading “Coors Light Box of Thirty Cans: Caveat emptor”

Floss: Dental Care and Marketing Ploy

Over the years there have been some very crafty marketing ploys that have increased sales of various products dramatically if perhaps artificially. Take for instance the addition of the word ‘repeat’ after the instructions ‘wet hair, apply shampoo, lather and rinse’ which must have doubled shampoo use. But do we really need to shampoo twice?Continue reading “Floss: Dental Care and Marketing Ploy”

Advertisers’ bane: HDTV makes small print readable by all viewers

Before the invention of the High Definition , large screen television the average viewer had no way of actually reading the small print at the bottom of an advertisement. Even with an HD-TV the small print on many pharmaceutical ads is pretty much impossible to make out, nit because of the size of the print,Continue reading “Advertisers’ bane: HDTV makes small print readable by all viewers”

A blind man running won’t notice

I know all the letters, and many – but certainly not all – of the words, and I even have a layman’s knowledge of many of the numbers. So, as the walrus said to the carpenter, the time has come, to satisfy those who have told me over the years: “You should write.” As forContinue reading “A blind man running won’t notice”