Aerosmith and MLB: Walk This Way

Here we are once again looking at a fresh new baseball season about to get underway. Hours of entertainment lie ahead with so many games available on television, even for those of us with regular cable. A true harbinger of spring and summer, the annual Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues are underway, having crept under theContinue reading “Aerosmith and MLB: Walk This Way”

The (Possible) Future of Baseball in Montreal

The following appeared in the Montreal Gazette today. Another very successful baseball weekend has taken place in Montreal. One that, upon reflection, speaks volumes about how the city has evolved. Over one hundred thousand fans ponied up to watch two games between the Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox. The nostalgia was thicker thanContinue reading “The (Possible) Future of Baseball in Montreal”

MLB Must Act Now To Protect Fans

During a recent Red Sox game at Fenway Park a woman, sitting in the expensive seats along the third base line, was struck by the business end of a broken bat. At this time she remains hospitalized in a ‘life-threatening’ condition. While I understand that being close to the action is a considerable draw forContinue reading “MLB Must Act Now To Protect Fans”

Patriots vs Colts: A Blow Out But Not a Blow Up

There is a bit of family lore that has my now late father, as a young lad, playing soccer with a bunch of friends. During the course of the pick-up game he managed to collide with another player resulting in his shoulder being dislocated. Of course that was only diagnosed some hours later as myContinue reading “Patriots vs Colts: A Blow Out But Not a Blow Up”

Can Major League Baseball Learn From Cricketer Phillip Hughes’ Death?

What I know about cricket would fit in Jiminy’s vest pocket. But the recent tragic news of the death of Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes has brought the game to the attention of the non-cricket world. Will MLB follow this pattern and require new players to wear face protection as well as a helmet when batting?Continue reading “Can Major League Baseball Learn From Cricketer Phillip Hughes’ Death?”

Ryan Dempster sends a message on behalf of baseball fans

A week and a half ago New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez was given a 211 game suspension by Major League Baseball for drug related offences (Rodriguez is playing while he appeals the suspension). On Sunday night Boston Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster threw a pitch at and hit Rodriguez. He had missed him with hisContinue reading “Ryan Dempster sends a message on behalf of baseball fans”

Major League Baseball in Montreal getting lots of ink lately

Jim Caple, Senior Writer,, has a great post today about bringing Major League baseball back to Montreal. It is lengthy and provides much background on the Expos and their demise. But  his angle is mostly on the positive aspects of Nos Amours and how a movement is afoot to bring them back. The shame ofContinue reading “Major League Baseball in Montreal getting lots of ink lately”