Magnotta Trial: Focus on Accused, Not Victim

In today’s Toronto Star columnist Rosie DiManno bemoans the fact that Jun Lin, Luka Magnotta’s innocent victim has been “sidelined” during the current trial. In fact in court on Wednesday there was no mention whatsoever of the Chinese student who was unfortunate enough to fall into Magnotta’s clutches. Unfair though that may seem, it isContinue reading “Magnotta Trial: Focus on Accused, Not Victim”

Luka Magnotta’s Defense and Baseball Arbitration

What do Major League Baseball’s arbitration process and a murder trial where the defendant, although having entered a not guilty plea, has admitted to carrying out the heinous acts he has been charged with as in the case of Luka Magnotta have in common? Well …. Now team management must do an about-face and insteadContinue reading “Luka Magnotta’s Defense and Baseball Arbitration”

Big Brother Is Indeed Watching; Just Ask Luka Magnotta

The building is on a busy street and overlooks an even busier sunken expressway. The heavy traffic means it is loud and dirty in the area which is mostly industrial except for a strip of lower-rent apartment buildings that remain from the days before many were razed to allow for the construction of the expressway.Continue reading “Big Brother Is Indeed Watching; Just Ask Luka Magnotta”

Magnotta Trial: Shawshank Redemption or One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

It has all the ingredients of a sleazy crime novel: murder, sex, blood and gore, odd behaviour, and a worldwide manhunt.  Yet it is all too real. Reading newspaper accounts of the trial of Montreal gay porn actor wannabe, Luka Rocco Magnotta, who has admitted he murdered and butchered, including lopping off his head, studentContinue reading “Magnotta Trial: Shawshank Redemption or One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.”

UPDATED Magnotta Murder Trial: Gruesome Crime Scares Off Potential Jurors

Please see update below. Two and a half years ago Luka Magnotta was multitasking: on the run from the police but basking in the media attention he so craved. Having gruesomely murdered Chinese student Jun Lin in Montreal,  Magnotta then cut various parts from the body and sent them to several Canadian politicians. Not surprisinglyContinue reading “UPDATED Magnotta Murder Trial: Gruesome Crime Scares Off Potential Jurors”

Can Luka Magnotta get a fair trial?

It’s been some time since we had any news about accused murderer Luka Magnotta; much to his chagrin no doubt. He is also accused of committing indignities to a human corpse, mailing obscene materials, publishing obscene materials and threatening public officials. His penchant for attention is well documented; from making porn films to filming the actualContinue reading “Can Luka Magnotta get a fair trial?”

Luka Magnotta voted Canadian Newsmaker of the Year: infamy trumps all

It is important to note that “Newsmaker” of the year shouldn’t be confused with “Man, Woman or Person” of the year. Time magazine recently named Barack Obama as Person of the Year with runner-up Malala Yousafzai. I point out this difference because The Canadian Press (CP) has named Luka Rocco Magnotta Newsmaker of the Year for 2012. TheContinue reading “Luka Magnotta voted Canadian Newsmaker of the Year: infamy trumps all”

Canadian killers and dismembered victims

I think we Canadians have a reputation as fairly peaceful people who play hockey and tend to apologize too much – in fact the most visible part of our Parliament Building is called the Peace Tower. But recently we’ve been in the news for a bunch of strange but non-related murders that involve  the victimsContinue reading “Canadian killers and dismembered victims”

Body parts found in Ontario but Magnotta still in custody.

Police in Ontario are dealing with two mysterious cases involving severed body parts.  One could assume that with Luka Rocco Magnotta in custody he might not be a suspect, even if the modus operandi fits. Could he have done this prior to his arrest, or is it a copy-cat situation? A right foot was foundContinue reading “Body parts found in Ontario but Magnotta still in custody.”

Jun Lin’s mother has ‘sympathy’ for alleged killer

According to CBC, as she finally laid her son to rest after an indescribable ordeal, Zhigui Du has said she feels sympathy for Luka Rocco Magnotta, and will set up a foundation to help troubled youth. Perhaps this is the lesson to be taken from this horrific episode; maybe that sympathy will one day becomeContinue reading “Jun Lin’s mother has ‘sympathy’ for alleged killer”