Prison Escape: Matt and Sweat in Canada?

As I write a massive manhunt is underway in northern New York State for two escaped murderers, Richard Matt and David Sweat. There are roadblocks and  checkpoints on Interstates, school events have been cancelled, and people cautioned to be vigilant and stay indoors as much as possible. The two were able to establish themselves asContinue reading “Prison Escape: Matt and Sweat in Canada?”

Magnotta Trial: Focus on Accused, Not Victim

In today’s Toronto Star columnist Rosie DiManno bemoans the fact that Jun Lin, Luka Magnotta’s innocent victim has been “sidelined” during the current trial. In fact in court on Wednesday there was no mention whatsoever of the Chinese student who was unfortunate enough to fall into Magnotta’s clutches. Unfair though that may seem, it isContinue reading “Magnotta Trial: Focus on Accused, Not Victim”

Luka Magnotta’s Defense and Baseball Arbitration

What do Major League Baseball’s arbitration process and a murder trial where the defendant, although having entered a not guilty plea, has admitted to carrying out the heinous acts he has been charged with as in the case of Luka Magnotta have in common? Well …. Now team management must do an about-face and insteadContinue reading “Luka Magnotta’s Defense and Baseball Arbitration”

Big Brother Is Indeed Watching; Just Ask Luka Magnotta

The building is on a busy street and overlooks an even busier sunken expressway. The heavy traffic means it is loud and dirty in the area which is mostly industrial except for a strip of lower-rent apartment buildings that remain from the days before many were razed to allow for the construction of the expressway.Continue reading “Big Brother Is Indeed Watching; Just Ask Luka Magnotta”

UPDATED Magnotta Murder Trial: Gruesome Crime Scares Off Potential Jurors

Please see update below. Two and a half years ago Luka Magnotta was multitasking: on the run from the police but basking in the media attention he so craved. Having gruesomely murdered Chinese student Jun Lin in Montreal,  Magnotta then cut various parts from the body and sent them to several Canadian politicians. Not surprisinglyContinue reading “UPDATED Magnotta Murder Trial: Gruesome Crime Scares Off Potential Jurors”

ABC plays up cannibalism aspect of Magnotta

The flurry of media attention around the murder of  Jun Lin in Montreal has focused primarily on the dismemberment of the victim and the mailing of various body parts. The next interest was locating the missing head – which now seems to have been accomplished. Meanwhile ABC News has opted to play the cannibalism cardContinue reading “ABC plays up cannibalism aspect of Magnotta”