Beanballs: Dumb and Dumber

If you are a baseball fan you will no doubt be familiar with last weekend’s nasty game between the Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals. After several batters were hit by pitches, and players from both teams were ejected, the match degenerated into a dugout-clearing altercation. What part of throwing your only weapon atContinue reading “Beanballs: Dumb and Dumber”

An Emerald Ash Borer Speaks Out

  News Item A bite-sized pest is causing a million-dollar problem for the city of Montreal. The emerald ash borer is a type of beetle that infests ash trees and eats them from the inside. City of Montreal officials say that roughly 200 trees on the island are currently infested.          Continue reading “An Emerald Ash Borer Speaks Out”